Voter Quotes

Not everyone thinks I’m a fool. Here are some of the best “Voter Quotes” I’ve heard during this campaign

” I don’t care what he stands for, I’ll vote for him” Bruce

“Mind you, wouldn’t it be great if he did get in, what a message to them all that would be” Alice

“Moron Alert” (ok, not complimentary, but made me giggle, so it’s in) westwardy

“Self-serving lying b’stard to stand for Bristol mayor”? Sorry, don’t see the news value in that – isn’t it an everyday occurence?” Spiny hedgehog

“I for one never leave Bristol, cannot afford holidays abroad either. I would be more than happy to exchange my cash for Bristol pounds and keep the flow within the community.Don’t forget Bristol Credit Union (Gloucester Road) who are supporters of the Bristol Pound.” Lynne

“a basic income is a very cool idea – before you dismiss it as looney business you should check it out first” stuffit_jam

“it’s pointless……..just like you” Orla (it keeps the balance, and made me laugh out loud, so it’s in too)

“I applaud him, in the way one ought to applaud any talented clown who has placed a pin on a false king’s throne!” Ghostfeather

“Yes! Finally someone I could vote for in the mayoral election” Mr Rob

“I give you my word now, you have my second vote after the Labour candidate” James B

“Wouldn’t it be lovely if you got in, old Cameron would go bloody nuts” Alex (OAP who couldn’t stop laughing)

“you got MY vote” GrobblyGribbly

“Just thinking. Barclays need a new ceo who represents the approach of the bank in plain honest language. You should apply! Best” Steve

“great idea. I couldn’t sit on my arse all day, I’d get bored, so I would bake cakes and teach children with special needs as well, but I need you to win and get my basic income first……” Lorraine

“I am on my way…you have my vote”  Eric B

250 Supporters with £5 each will pay to place my election address, advertising the “Uncondittional Basic Income Guarantee” in the Official Election Brochure, that will printed and distributed by Bristol City Council and is sent to all 322,000 Voters in Bristol. You can Donate your £5 here if you so desire.


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