Hello. My name is Mr Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard, and I am a candidate in the Bristol Mayor Election on 15 November 2012.

Cafe worker and fool Eric Mutch has changed his name by deed poll to “Mr Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard” and is standing as a candidate in the forthcoming election, for Mayor of Bristol on 15 November 2012, under the campaign slogan “My Promise: Free Money For Everyone”

Corrupt Bstard – Official Electoral Address (which will be sent to all 322,000 Brisolian Residents, in the official Mayoral Electoral Address brochure, sent out by Bristol City Council)

I will pay every adult resident of Bristol an Unconditional Basic Income of £15,000 every year.

This will give you the time and the freedom to do stuff just for the love of it.

If you earn extra money doing this stuff, that’s an added bonus.

You will recieve this Annual Unconditional Basic Income whether you are working in other paid work, non working or retired.

I will fund this Annual Unconditional Basic Income by introducing a tax on all spending. A small percentage tax whenever money is turned over, transacted or spent.

The time has come to eradicate poverty and free the spirit of all Bristolians.

This is your chance. Seize it!

FFI on the bristol pound

FFI the basic income guarantee

FFI the local sales tax

Download a Campaign Poster

Corrupt B’stards Video Blog updates

Full Campaign Website

Facebook Vote for “Mr Corrupt Self Serving Lying B’stard” for Bristol Mayor 2012

Twitter: @Corrupt_bstard

250 Supporters with £5 each will pay to  place my election address, advertising the “Uncondittional Basic Income Guarantee”  in the Official Election Brochure, that will printed and distributed by Bristol City Council and is sent to all 322,000 Voters in Bristol. You can Donate your £5 here if you so desire.


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