Bstard Stands Down………………………

Yesterday I finally decided not to go ahead with my campaign for mayor.

Ultimately it has come down to money. I really can’t justify spending the £1250 fee to enter the election and to be in the Official Electoral Address Brochure.

It’s been a really really tough decision, but I also found out earlier this week that, there are likely to be many more than 15 candidates standing and I just think its too much of a gamble to spend money I really should be using for other things, family etc on carrying on with the campaign, when its likely the campaign would be drowned out in a sea of other “wacky independents” and I wouldn’t even have been the candidate myself (for the reasons explained below), and therefore wouldnt have been invited to the hustings either.

A quick story of the last 3 weeks. As you may know, although my home has a Bristol Postcode, I live just outside the Bristol local authority area (about 200 metres).

My plan has always been to move to within the boundary in order to register on the electoral roll, which would then qualify me to run for mayor.

A few weeks ago I was about to move into a friends house, in order to register on the electoral roll so that I could run but I found out that although I would be able to register in time to vote in the mayor election, I was too late to register to stand.

So I then found a friend and campaign supporter, who wanted to stand in my place, under the same manifesto (to pay an unconditional basic income to every adult in Bristol) and this last week I was well on my way to getting the 30 nominations as well.

I had even considered changing my name to Corrupt Lobbying Bstard to highlight the corrupt practice of political lobbying, but wasn’t sure of the legal implications, knowing my luck I would end up in jail for breaking lobbying rules, seeing as I’m not as expert as the real lobbyists 😉

However a few other factors have changed my mind.

First, I have been told that its expected there will be well over 15 candidates standing, meaning that the electoral address in the brochure will only be half the size it would have been had less than 15 candidates stood. Giving me far less space to make the case for introducing the unconditional basic income.

The brochure is the only guaranteed publicity that my manifesto would get, especially as I would now no longer be invited to husting events either.

Second and more importantly, I simply cannot justify spending £1250 of my money on the fee to be on the ballot paper and in the electoral address brochure.

I still believe that the unconditional basic income is the solution to a lot of the problems we face as a society in these unprecedented times.

I also know that it is in the national manifesto of the green party, and I really hope they decide to make it their showcase policy at the next General Election.

On that note, if anyone was thinking of voting for me, they still can, in a way, by voting for Green Party Candidate Daniella Radice.

Although they would have to ask her if she was willing to introduce the unconditional basic income in Bristol first I suppose.

So there you go, thats the full story of my reasons for standing down.

The good part is that, since I declared as a candidate in May,  I’ve really been able to hone my arguments for the Unconditional Basic Income. Ive had many many intersting and varied conversations and debates about the issue, and I now know I can hold my on with anyone, when it comes to putting forward my case.

Saddly for me, and luckily for the other candidates, I wont be able to pit those arguments to good use in this elect



2 thoughts on “Bstard Stands Down………………………

  1. Dear Eric,

    That’s too bad, but you did a great job and have nothing to be ashamed of !! And for all that, you deserve some applause for your involvement in the cause of basic income. Please help yourself:

    [clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap ]

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