Statement on the rejection of development of General Hospital site at Redcliffe

So the planners at Bristol City Council have rejected a proposed development of the General Hospital site at Redcliffe.

If I was Mayor right now this would be my response
“Pay every citizen an unconditional basic income to meet their basic needs for food and housing and let free market demand and supply economics do the rest.

The developers have clearly overpaid for the land and cant afford to stick to their commitments and promises.

Well in a free market economy theyll just have to take the loss and sell it to someone who can.

And if the council quadruple rates on empty buildings I’m sure they wouldn’t sit on it for too long

A new buyer gets a bargain and bristol gets it first class development.

What’s not to like 😉

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving Bstard


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