The Bank Of Bristol

I’ve thought of another possible solution to the funding problem.

If  I can get £1 Billion of cash deposits into the Bank Of Bristol, then I can “lend” £7 Billion out in “Interest Free Basic Income Loans” (repayable over 100 years) using the same “Fractional Reserve Lending” that all the other Banks already use.

The loan will have one condition. The “Borrower” must open a bank account with “The Bank Of Bristol” and the “£15,000 loan” must be deposited and spent from that Bank Of Bristol account.

Thus creating more deposits in “The Bank Of Bristol”, and funding more loans through the “Fractional Reserve Lending” process.

As “Borrowers” spend this “local currency” in Bristol, The City Council will tax all spending transactions, using the Automated Payment Transaction Tax. This will raise the necessary revenue to Fund the £15,000 Basic Income Payment for the following year, as a full unconditional grant instead of another loan.

I’ve also discovered the Answer to Making the Basic Income Inflation Proof Question

Finally I’ve set up a page just for everyone to say what they would do “Just For The love Of It”.

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard


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