Tax The Ocean

So, IMF backs tax & interest rate cuts to dig UK out of recession.  No! No no!  How many more bloody times you imbeciles, Basic Income Guarantee and Automated Payment Transaction (APT) tax.  For the love of God, or whatever else your philosophical beliefs are, or aren’t, and I classify atheism as a belief, even if it is a belief in nothing, are they all just plain old simple or are they simply plain old evil?

Stupid nice people or stupid evil people, they’re still bloody stupid!?$%&*!!!???*??!%?

It’s not rocket science is it? and while we’re at it, Money is not a resource that we dig out of the ground. Money is created out of thin air. It’s ironic how our relentless pursuit of money, has led to the destruction of the resources that sustain our lives. The world is mad. We all are, we’re insane.I wonder what the moment is going to be like when we all suddenly have that eureka moment, that “tah daaaah!!!” moment when we suddenly realise “what on earth have we been doing, what a bunch of dickheads we are (laughing hysterically) it’s like watching a hungry man cut out his own lungs and eat them, just because he’s hungry”

Oh well, ce la vie, non?

after my last blog about the difficulty of engaging my fellow “B’stards”, I have had some really good dialogues with some of them this week. A particularly good one on twitter about funding the Basic Income Guarantee with a local sales tax.

Great challenging questions, which made me think, hmmmm, maybe I’m talking shite. Mainly because it seems such large figures that need generating.

If 450,000 people in Bristol, recieve £15,000 a year, thats pretty much £7 Billion needs raising in tax. It won’t be that much, obviously, because it’s only the adults, over 18, who would recieve it, but let’s take that figure for sake of argument. Seems impossible doesn’t it, especially in this age of austerity, even if money is created out of thin air.

During my time away thinking about this one, yes I do go away and think about stuff, and yes I’m happy to be proved wrong, after all I’m just a simple fool, a Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard of a fool at that, so what do I know?

Anyway, while thinking about the gross turnover of the City of Bristol, I came across this little article on the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) tax. Well, actually I was given it by a professor of economics, but you don’t need to know that.

Then I had a eureka moment.

If theres enough money in the economy to pay an average wage of £26000 to every worker in the UK, then there’s enough money in the economy, to raise enough revenue, via the APT Tax, to pay a basic income of £15000 to every adult.

For one, the Basic Income Guarantee is almost HALF!!!!! the average wage in this country.

For two, Income tax (which raises alot of the tax revenue for the entire Government) is only chargeable at around 20% on that average wage of £26,000, which in my book is £5200 in income tax per worker on average, in fact less than that when you take into account the tax free allowance each worker currently gets.

Whereas the APT Tax is chargable on all the money swilling around the economy, of which only a small fraction is paid in wages.

In other words, rather than income tax the stream and fight over scraps, APT Tax the Ocean and feed the entire world.


Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard







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