The Money Question

So, having thought long and hard, I have decided to allow the Bank of Bristol to accept and exchange “Bristol Pounds” for “UK Pounds Sterling” with an exchange rate of £1 Bristol Pound = £1 UK Pounds. This means that people and businesses can trade in this new “Local Curency” safe in the knowledge that each Bristol Pound they accept/use is worth £1.

the Bristol Pound will therefore, no longer be “monopoly money.”

Alot of people ask how I will be able to fund the Basic Income Guarantee of £15000 for each resident of Bristol, whether they are working, non working or retired. I will fund it by introducing a transaction/sales tax whenever money is spent, not earned but spent.

It will be a similar tax to VAT and here is a short example of how that transaction/sales tax will work. You can even try it now with your mates.

Government gives me £5. I pass that £5 round a group of 10 friends. By the time the £5 comes back to me, it has been passed around/spent 10 times. Creating a turnover of £50. If the government taxes that spending at 20%, it raises £10 in tax. Making a profit of £5.

This means the Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee, pretty much pays for itself.

Talking about money though, can anyone tell me who it is exactly, that this so called national debt, that we are crippling ourselves and especially the vulnerable, to repay, is actually owed to?

I hope its not the very same banks, that got us into this mess in the first place. That would be like buying the bailiffs a bigger van, so that they can cart away even more of your stuff.

I’m kind of hoping some of the other candidates will engage with me on this question, although I’m not going to hold my breath, because engaging any of those other candidates seems to be more difficult, than engaging a broken toilet door, on a run down public loo.

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard


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