Live and Learn by Listening

Well, I was wrong about the media interest dying down, because yesterday I filmed a segment for the BBC “Sunday Politics” show.

The best thing about doing these “political” campaigns, or any activity, I find is, the learning process. I learned an incredible amount doing “mr zero none of the above” in 2010 and yesterday was the same.

The first thing I learned is, stop taking it, and myself especially, all too seriously. I am not a politician, I don’t profess to have all the answers, and I do profess to have alot of questions myself.

I believe that life is for living, that none of us knows how much time we have, that for all we know, we are only born the once and  I definitely don’t want to have any regrets, on my deathbed, about things I wish I had tried or I had not done. Of course, it is not my intention to hurt anyone else in the process either, and I don’t believe that what I’m doing by running for Mayor is hurting anyone. Anyway I digress, and digressing makes a long blog and a long blog doesnt get read, so I’ll cut to the chase.

I’m happy to be seen as the joke candidate, but I’m also happy to engage in dialogue with people about what I’m doing, how they feel about it and the “money” issue.

Yesterday, while filming, I got talking to one man, who said what I was doing was pointless, because the money I was going to print would be worthless, it would be like monopoly money.

I tried to get a conversation going about “why my money would be worthless, whereas stirling was worth something i.e whats the difference between them”. His argument being that stirling was worth something because people/shops accepted it, whereas the bristol pound would be worthless because people/shops wouldn’t accept it. My counter argument was that my bristol pound would be worth something if the people of bristol decided to accept it, which of course it would, but he kept countering that they wouldnt accept it, because shops wouldnt accept it, so they couldnt exchange it for anything etc etc etc.

To be honest, my lack of ability to explain myself, meant he made me look a bit of a dick, and it was being filmed. However, thats my problem, not his. Maybe he had succeeded in blowing my argument out of the water.

I toyed with dropping the “printing bristol pounds” part of my manifesto pledge, and just concentrate on the “basic income guarantee” part, which I’m very confident that I can explain to everyone. Then I decided that I would add something to my manifesto instead.

I will now make sure that “The Bank Of Bristol” will accept and exchange “The Bristol Pound” for “£UK Pounds” on a £1UK Pound =£1 Bristol Pound exchange rate.

To be honest I wasn’t completely happy with this, because it feels like its just using the £1UK Pound covered with a dust jacket, but it would get people using the bristol pound, so it would be a start.

Obviously if everyone in bristol just came straight to the “Bank Of Bristol” to exchange their £15000 Bristol Pounds “basic income guarantee” for £15000 UK pounds, there wouldn’t be enough money to pay them, just like if everyone tried to withdraw their £UK Pounds from their current Bank, there wouldn’t be enough there either. Apparently, Only 3% of the money we all have in our accounts exists, the rest is just made up, at least thats what I heard Eric Cantona say once, correct me if he’s wrong.

Then to my amazement, I read this story today, that there is a town in Ireland, Clones, where shopkeepers have decided to start accepting the now “defunct” Punt. They have decided to give a worthless currency value, and they have done it, just by deciding that they will accept it. They have done exactly what I was trying to tell the fella yesterday that we could all decide to do. What amazing syncronicitous timing that is. Something must like me after all huh.

The second thing wasn’t necessarily something that I learned as a lesson, it was just something I enjoyed experiencing.

They tried to film me talking to a customer in the cafe. They wanted to know if she voted in the referendum, if she would vote for me, if she trusted politicians.

She was an older lady, I would say in her 60’s possbly 70’s. She said the referendum was the first time she had never used her vote. The reason was that she wasn’t sure if she wanted a mayor or not, she didn’t have enough information to make a decision. She then said she wouldn’t vote for me because she didn’t know what I stood for. (At this point, the reporter really wanted the lady’s opinion about whether she trusted polticians, so I didnt tell her what my manifesto promises were, but she could see my poster, and she knew about the name change)

The lady then went on to say how she trusted Tony Blair when he was first elected “but then he went on to start that awful war, and I thought what is he thinking, its cost so many lives and still is” and she got quite emotional, then stopped and appologised for getting so “deep” then carried on with a pretty heartfelt account of why she didn’t trust politicians, then again apologised for getting so deep.

Finally, and this is the bit that was amazing to see, after the camera was switched off, she suddenly lit up, looked like she had had an epithany and said, face full of glee and delight, “mind you, wouldn’t it be great if he did get in, what a message that would send them all”. She meant me and she had obviously got it. Made my day that did, made my day.

Sorry for the long blog, well done on making it to the end.

That’ss all for now

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard


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