Gobsmacked How Well It’s Going…….

Wow, one week in and already a bit gobsmacked by the positive response to my mayoral bid, but then again, I suppose free money is a bit of a nailed on vote winner.

Nice to get a bit a press coverage, especially the very fair and well balanced article in the Bristol Evening Post by Ian Onions, which led to countless other media picking up on the story. Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Independant and Fox News, to name (drop) but a few.

Under no illusuions though, I learned from my “Zero None of The Above” General Election 2010 campaign that I can expect to be ignored by the mainstream media from now on.

No worries though, because I also learned, from that last campaign that “door stepping” is my real weapon, and I have 6 months to do that, with a rapidly developing army of supporters to back me up.

I wont be taking it all too seriously this time either.

Already had some great conversations about “Local Currency” and my big favourite “the Basic Income Guarantee”

I am committed to campaigning on the single issue of printing a local currency “The Bristol Pound” and giving £15000 a year in Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee to every resident of Bristol, whether they are working, non working or retired, and don’t want to confuse the issue by introducing additional manifesto promises, but if I did, there are a few things that have come up in conversation, that I recommend the other candidates to consider commiting to.

1. Abolish schools fines for non attendance at school. Since when has any business fined its customers for rejecting its product?

2. Quadrupple rates on empty buildings, to entice landlords to get them occupied by any means possible. The homeless and creative collectives to be acknowledged as occupying a building 😉

Mind you, having said all that I have come up with an addition to my £15000 Basic Income Guarantee Pledge. I propose that All Council Tax bills and All Housing Benefit payments are only payable in Bristol Pounds. This all ties in with the original £15000 Bristol Pounds Basic Income Guarantee pledge, and of course housing benefit becomes redundant anyway, once a basic income guarantee is in place, but it will work as a short term transition measure, and this is the equivalent of the gold standard backing stirling, although of course stirling is no longer backed up by the gold standard. whisper it quietly, but stirling isnt actually worth anything at all.

Only other news to report, is that tonight I lifted my legs up, lighting a fart stylie, and let a fantastic barppppppp fly, then had the pleasure of watching my 18 month old daughter, attempting the lift my legs in the air, to make me do it again, comedy gold, politics takes a very distant second to having a family and kids. No contest at all

Live Love Laff

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard


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